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Method and Services

Psychotherapy is a personal experience. I treat and support individuals and couples who are struggling with worries, sadness, and relationship difficulties, or who feel "stuck" in their lives in some way. I also have special training in helping individuals cope with traumatic experiences, grief and loss, and medical illnesses. I work collaboratively and compassionately to reduce current distressing symptoms and to examine long-standing patterns.

My style is directive and collaborative. I take an active role in understanding patient issues, participating in the discussion, and often providing direct feedback. My therapeutic approach is interpersonal, relational, and psychodynamic.

I work closely with primary care providers and psychiatrists to evaluate patient needs. If a medication evaluation is required, I will assist patients in finding appropriate providers to coordinate medication management.

I offer psychotherapy, psychological consultation, and psychological assessments to individuals over the age of 12. The length of treatment is a mutual decision, depending on the presenting issues. Psychotherapy sessions are 50 minutes in duration.

High-Achieving Individuals
I work with many ‘high-achieving’ individuals who find that the drive for success can lead to excessive stress, anxiety, and sometimes mild depression.

A psychological sounding board outside of the immediate family and social circle is often needed to cope with the challenges and stresses of demanding schedules and responsibilities. I have had success helping individuals manage these challenges, enabling more fulfilling and fruitful personal lives.

Sarah Elizabeth Bothe, Psy.D. | Licensed Clinical Psychologist | 415.746-9818 | drbothe@sarahbothe.com